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Government Role In Upholding The System - ETCSINES

The general trend in our times toward increasing intervention by the state in economic affairs has led to a concentration of attention and dispute on the areas where new intervention is proposed and to an acceptance of whatever intervention has so far occurred as natural and unchangeable. The current pause, perhaps reversal, in the trend toward collectivism offers an opportunity to re-examine the existing activities of government and to make a fresh assessment of the activities that are and those that are not justified.

The government have played a pivotal role in economics and in this trend education will be the important sector government should look into as well as upholding the act of reading in education. There are no differences between the society, academics, family and government. The family have mixed into the society while the society has gone into academics, students no longer find it important to read again.

That’s where the role of the government comes in, first, the government should be able to differentiate the family from the society and also from academics. The government should be able to break down the roles of the family in academics, the role of the society in academics and so on. The government should make it a law that there should be a minimum requirement of education for every child and a family or parent who can not carry out the task, the child will be taken over by the government. The family should make it a necessity for the child to have a private reading either in school or at home.

The society should provide a conducive, crime-free, and save the environment. With this, the government will be able to impose night reading or bight classes. So everyone can have an equal education and reading time. Now to the government, academics shouldn’t be taken as a business were by anything goes, this is the future of our national education is the key. The government should, therefore, uphold education.

Writer: Afuye Olumide

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