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How can the School and Media Partner to promote the Reading Culture? - ETCSINES

             The media being one of the major means to reach out to the populace as almost every Average Nigerian comes in contact with at least one form of media every day, be it the radio, newspaper, television, social media and many others. The media can thus make use of its influence to promote the reading culture by partnering with the educational sector.
            Over time, the media has partnered with the school in this regard by hosting educational shows on their platforms where the reading culture is being promoted. The media also partner with corporate organizations to host educational contests and competitions with fancy awards attached all in a bid to promote the reading culture. 

            The media can be more effective in this role by partnering more with the educational sector through: movies showing the importance of reading to students and the populace at large, radio and television shows where reading is being celebrated, students who read are being interviewed and celebrated in order to serve as worthy emulation to their counterparts across the country, the media can also partner more with corporate institutions and even the government to organize, sponsor and promote reading contests, spelling bee competitions and the likes that require the wealth of knowledge that can only be gained from reading. If more of these are done and less of programmes that do not promote the reading culture, then, even students who use the media as an escape route from engaging in the reading culture will have no choice but to participate fully in it since it will keep redirecting and challenging them to read more and more in order to be better individuals in their homes, schools and the society at large. 

           With this partnership, the youths will be won over and their interest in the reading culture will be aroused, giving room for a literate and informed populace with readers who are leaders. 

I love the Reading Culture 
I love Nigeria's Educational Sector 

Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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