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How Can Schools Engage In System Of General Periodic Reading - ETCSINES

            Surprisingly, the next question that follows after yesterday introductory write up is “How can schools engage in a system of general periodic reading?” At some point, we might be tempted to say how a student can engage in a system of general periodic reading, but we think at this junction, it is not about the student, it is about the school. A student should or might not have a problem with what makes up a school i.e. the way the school is run, organization, lecture hour and so on. As a matter of fact, you have the right to choose which school you want your child to be enrolled in, there is no predetermined or predestine school for every child. You can either choose to enrol your child in a school based on your own discretion and having understood the terms and condition necessary for enrollment in the school.

            We will answer this question by letting our readers know that a school does not exist on its own, they are bodies that governed the affairs of the school, not necessarily controlling what is going in the school or dictating the way things should be run but based on the way the educational sector of each country is constructed, they are institution that sees to it that a school meets certain requirement before it is called a school. In Nigeria, we have the Federal Ministry of Education which is a part of the Federal Ministries of Nigeria and they are mandated to direct education in Nigeria.

            Other function of the Federal Ministry of Education includes; formulating a national policy on education, collecting and collating data for purposes of educational planning and financing, maintaining uniform standards of education throughout the country, controlling the quality of education in the country through the supervisory role of the Inspectorate Services Department within the Ministry, harmonizing educational policies and procedures of all the states of the federation through the instrumentality of the National Council on Education, effecting co-operation in educational matters on an international scale, developing curricula and syllabuses at the national level in conjunction with other bodies.

            In view of the above mention, we can see that this body is saddled with a lot of responsibilities and part of such responsibility is to dictate what a school should operate. We believe that if the federal ministry of education can see to it in their development of curricula and syllabuses, whereby adopting a general periodic reading time for all student, no school in their Nigeria would want to go against. Hence, this accomplishes the goal of enhancing our reading culture and eradicating the cramming system in Nigeria educational sector.

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