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How Has Healthy Competition Aided The Reading Culture? - ETCSINES

          From experience, every action backed up with reward has always spurred in its participants an eagerness to excel in it. That is, competition has always fuelled active participation, has no one desires to fail or lose in any endeavour he or she is involved in.
            Similarly, in the education parlance, healthy competition with bonuses attached will spur active reading among students, and promote the reading culture in the society as a whole.
            Healthy Competition between students as shown through the fictional characters of yesterday's write-up did not only participate in reading actively but also imparted this culture to others by creating reading clubs also. The challenges and tasks posed to each one with the reward of recharge card vouchers made them eager to participate and win also. 
         From the scenario painted also, the main essence of reading was showcased which is to gain knowledge and be ahead of the class and not waiting till exams are fast approaching which makes most students result to cramming. The understanding of this principle of reading borne by healthy competition made them excel in everywhere they found themselves which shows that the reading culture once engaged in can sustain one all through one's life sojourn as every field needs reading to gain knowledge at all times.
           Students are thus enjoined through this week's theme: Healthy Competition, to involve in healthy competition and dare each other to read and succeed together at all times.

I love Reading 
And, I remain Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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