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How Often Should Seminar & Symposium On Reading Be Held In Schools? -ETCSINES

There are so many great ways to learn and sharpen your skills these days: you can read blogs, listen to podcasts , watch how-to videos on YouTube, and attend webinars, just to name a few. Why bother with the time and expense of an in-person conference or workshops?

If that’s your attitude, then you may be missing out on one of the best opportunities to take your game to the next level. Live events—conferences, workshops, lunch & learns–provide unique learning and career building opportunities that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Below you’ll find two reasons why you should attend live events and consider sending your employees to conferences as well.

Sharpen the Saw
While the “sharpen the saw” idea certainly pre-dates Stephen Covey, he lists it as his seventh habit of highly effective people .  The idea is that sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills. A dull axe won’t cut a tree nearly as effectively as a sharp one.
I always return from a conference with new ideas and approaches that make me more effective and efficient at work. Don’t be the woodcutter hacking away at the tree with a dull ax while your competition cuts it down in half the time with a sharp one. Or uses a chainsaw she saw demonstrated at a conference.

Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face
While not all conferences offer you the opportunity to meet your business idols, your chances are greatly improved when you’re sharing the same space. Sometimes it’s about taking a selfie with someone who’s influenced you or sharing a business idea with someone you admire, or making a connection that can lead to finding your next mentor.

I remember at a Social Media Marketing World when I got a few minutes to speak one-on-one to Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate and how the World Sees You, and ask her for some feedback on a new business venture I had launched. That could never have happened from an online success summit.

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Writer: Afuye Olumide

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