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Introduction : Gifting And Award - ETCSINES

Writing on this topic gives a flashback of when we were very little, there was this eagerness about gifts and award and we were aware that there is always a reward for a good academic achievement. We knew that if we would want to achieve anything, it takes serious effort and commitment to achieve it. Hmmm, can I say gone are those days.
A lot of students do not even care about this segment of the school, why should I study hard since there is always someone that would always be celebrated? Why should I study when my parent do not even care about what I bring back home. Gone are those my parent took me out for a successful academic section. They don’t even get to appreciate me anymore.

Dear, we understand how you feel and that is the main reason why we are treating this topic. Can I tell you that the reason why you are in school or your parent sends you to school is for you to be knowledgeable and be someone of substance in life. We all know gifting and awards are important, as a matter of fact, they boost our morale as students, in as much they do, should we neglect our responsibility as a student. Remember no one wants to stay in place where he is tolerated; everyone wants to be in a place where they are celebrated. We know of a father that told his children that the only gift he has to gift them in life as his will is their education, he is going to make sure that while he is still alive they get the best of education, they should forget all those buying of gifts when session is over for a work well done, if they do well, it is for their own good, if they don’t, it is still for their own good, he would not be using the certificate they acquire after all, it is their job to sit tight and face their studies squarely.

We want you to know that receiving gift is temporal; awards can be for a lifetime. Note, the gift you receive would not be forever but at least everyone wants to have this sense of encouragement after they have done something worthwhile. As much as they are not the basis for while we should read or have good grades, they should not also be sideline and kick out of the system. All this depends on both you and I reading this.

Why don’t you ride along with us today as we bring you beautiful piece about this important topic, you don’t want to miss our write up this week. Do have a lovely week ahead.

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