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Introduction: Healthy Reading Competition - ETCSINES

Good day Readers, We believe you are still being enlightened, educated and informed about the benefits of reading and how it has change lives. If you are just joining us, it is expedient for you know that we are on a journey, a journey to sensitize people concerning the benefit of reading and eradicate cramming from the reading system.
Some of us are of the opinion that cramming is a form of reading, you are very right but a reading that does not produce reduce that can be apply in future or refer to in posterity. What is the essence of acquiring a knowledge that would be used in a short limited time and cannot benefit the entire public? This is a food for thought for our new readers.

This week we will be treating a topic that is very pivotal to the reading culture and the educational system in Nigeria and it is titled “Healthy Reading Competition”. The first thought that comes to your mind is what does this means. They are different words used and this word does not seem to mean the same thing. The word “Healthy” means a state of wellness, while the word “Competition” means a platform in which two or more people are striving to get a prize. What is the relationship between this two terms and reading?

It is noteworthy to say in every class that there is always someone that comes out top of that class and this particular person does this base on their level of intelligence. Every other person wants to reach their height and also surpass, in order words, this person is a target of many. This is one of the reasons or what sometimes cause cramming and enhances the mindset to surpass the other, which is actually beautiful. When the drive to surpass others now turns to a game in which to bring the other down at all cause is what we refer to as an unhealthy reading competition. We have had cases when a lot of students have done some things which are unspeakable all in the name of acclaiming the post of been a better student. This is what we are trying to correct this week and we will love our readers to pay rapt attention as we journey into this topic. Do have a blessed day.

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