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Medium And Methods Of Safe Guarding The System Of General Periodic Reading - ETCSINES

            If there is one attribute we lack in this present time in Nigeria, it is the ability to maintain and sustain innovations, inventions and initiatives. A lot of good and creative act has been displayed all through the years; a lot of measures has been showcased, carried out and adopted but not every one of them had stood the test of time. As a matter of fact, those that stood the test of time were inventions, innovations and initiatives that were single-handedly spearheaded and sponsored by an individual or group of person and not necessarily a government parastatal. Hence, the need to advocate for maintenance and sustenance is of high importance.

            What are the mediums and method that can be adopted to safeguard the system of general periodic reading, the first on our list is periodic sensitization? When something like such is put in place, we believe it has the tendency to linger on in the mind of the people for a long time. The people in question are students from different sphere of influence across the country; no student should be left out. Also, it is an advice that this sensitization should not only be for students, parents and guardian should be involved so that they would be abreast of the situation on the ground.

            Another thing that needs to be considered in safeguarding this system is the availability of a conducive environment for reading. This is something we have made mention of times without number in this campaign. How do you expect a student to read when they are not facilities on the ground to make sure they engage in the practice? You will be shocked to know that there are still some school in Nigeria that does not have a library, come to think of it, how can you have a school without a library, such as the case we face in this country of ours, when schools are accredited without checking the basic requirement needed for their establishment. We believe that if this is in check, we would not have a problem of safeguarding the system of general periodic reading.

            Finally, Government contribution to the growth of the system is also very important and mandatory, they should see to it that they play their role and every other area would walk out fine.

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