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Seminar And Symposium: A Knowledge Enhancer - ETCSINES

The write-up tends to be short and succinct due to the earlier stated point stated about our amazing topic of the week. An Enhancer is a thing that enhances. When we say seminar and symposium is a knowledge enhancer, we mean that it boosts the knowledge bank of most of student. Definitely, what more can increase the knowledge of students if not seminar & Symposium? How it carries out its function in the way student acquire knowledge is still a marvel.

The reason why we need this kind of enhancer is because knowledge acquired without been implemented would just remain at the head level and has no significant to the work force or benefit the general public. What it means to enhance is to intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of a particular thing or entity. When a professional dancer displays his skills before a child who has passion for dancing, what that professional dancer did was to enhance the passion of such ward. 

This applies to every field of study, when a professional in that field is invited to lecture student on the importance of reading in such field using reading as bedrock for success, what that professional just did was to enhance the student in that field to read more, any prior knowledge that body of student has on reading would be built upon and it increases productivity and effectiveness.

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