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The Advent Of Gifting And Award in Nigeria Educational System - ETCSINES

Surprisingly, I search for this advent of gifting and awards in school, I found none. Every option giving to me is not worthy of called a history of gifting and awards in school. I decided to come up with a short exposition that would hit the nail on the end. Do follow me as unravel this beautiful package.

One thing we should all have at the back of our mind is that the school is not limited to the four wall of a building, the first institution of learning a child encounters is the home. If the home is first institution of learning, it is expedient we trace the history of gifting back home. The first time our parent gave us gifts for something done right is our history of gifting and award. As parents, it is important to let your kids know when you are seeing good things from your kids. Overtime, we get to receive award from our school and you can quite say how we felt when we receive this awards.

In relation to reading and fostering the campaign, it is our mandate to promote what is beneficial to the reading culture. Awards and Gifting is a medium to encourage students who had diligently study their books to pass. Definitely, we have some controversy about this topic. 

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