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The Advent of Healthy Reading Competition - ETCSINES

          Everything has a beginning; nothing happens without a reason neither is any reason birthed without a motive. Whenever something new comes into reality, the question of origin or source should be asked. One of the ways to know the advent of an entity is to know the relating factor that constitutes or characterizes that entity. One of such factors is reading. Note, the moment two or more people with the same mindset about reading come together to read, this for us is the advent of a healthy reading competition.

          Going down memory lane, we would see that spoken language is a natural, biological form of human communication that is over 6 million years old. Reading is an invention that is only 6000 years old. There simply hasn't been enough evolutionary time, yet, for the human physiology of reading to be perfected.

          In other words and to sum up, the above paragraph, what music is to the spirit, reading is to the mind. Reading challenges empower, bewitches, enriches. We perceive little black marks on white paper or a PC screen and they move us to tears, open up our lives to new insights and understandings, inspire us, organize our existences and connect us with all creation. It is expedient to say that the day all this began was the advent of a healthy reading culture.

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