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The Advent Of Healthy Reading Competition - ETCSINES

  Advent is defined as the arrival of a new thing, something that does not exist before. The word advent can also mean arrival, appearance and emergency etc. While tracing the arrival of a healthy reading competition, it is pertinent to note that there is nothing that occurs that doesn’t come from man, the human factor is always involved. Over time we have given us the history of reading and reading has helped a great deal. This time we will be considering another aspect of reading that we think it is important for the growth and success of the reading culture.

            Whenever two or three people come together to read for a just cause, it is said to be a healthy reading competition. What we mean by using the term just cause is this; one of the fundamental reasons why a student should read is hinged on the notion that there is a need to acquire knowledge. If a student decides to engage his peer in a reading system that further helped their growth, we regard to as a healthy reading competition. It is really important that we erase the notion that since the word competition is mention then there is always a loser, in this case, there is no loss because the parties involved are stand to gain something at the end of the day.

            In a nutshell, if I was a student decide to improve my academic performance, they are things I need to put in place and one of such is engaging in a healthy reading competition with my peers. The moment I do this, this is referred to as the advent of a healthy reading competition in my school or my peer.

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