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The Benefit Of General Periodic Reading - ETCSINES

If there wasn’t need for it, we wouldn’t have brought such a topic to our readers, they are a lot of benefits attached to having a general periodic reading. Some of these benefits are the common ones you know while some are based on the personal experience of the writer.

One of the benefits of general periodic reading is that it gives students the ability to retain as fast as possible. It is very important for us to know that this general periodic reading is something that should be done daily after the students must have several lectures in a day. The students had to absorb a lot of knowledge from different speakers and different author as the case may be. It is pertinent that such student take few time away alone to do a recap of what has been taught in the day, it might not necessarily mean the student goes over each subject, it might be one subject and by the time the student does this, the student retain some knowledge about what has been done and it is bound to stick.
Another benefit of this initiative is that give students the opportunity to identify the area in which they lost concentration or places in which it seems hard to comprehend while the teacher was teaching in the classroom. Using this method, the student is able to detect such area and be able to note the way to address it in the next class if need be.

Finally, it helps the student to engage in conversation with their peers and ask the relevant question when necessary in order for them to understand the subject they are reading up on. For instance, we are aware of student that wants a dialogue with someone or something while reading, after they have read, they wish or want to talk to someone about what they have read, this to tell is a way of retaining what they have learnt but if there is no platform to read not to talk of asking question, how would they boost their learning capacity and cultivate the habit of reading. We think this should be looked into and adopted into the curricula and syllabus of each school so as to let it aid reading.

They are many more benefit of this initiative; we believe that as time goes on, we will be unravelling them. Remember, reading is leading. Do have a blessed day ahead.
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