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The Government As An Agent Of Sponsoring Such Competition - ETCSINES

Gone are those days you hear a student awarded by the government for academic excellence, you rarely see that nowadays and we think that it is one of those things that is killing the reading culture of Nigeria student. When such awards are given out, it has a source of motivation to the student to do more. This is just an aside; our main topic is how government can help in sponsoring such competition. If we take a look at the word sponsor, it means to provide support in any form to a particular form and we would agree with us that the only way the government can provide support to the educational system is by providing the institution with the basic things they need to foster learning.

We would say that the government has little or less role in this kind of competition but their support is needed. The question is how their support is needed. Any government that fails in its duties to see that the students of its country get the basic things needed for learning has totally failed in its administration. For instance in Nigeria, Statistic reveals that more than 50 to 60 % of its population is made up of the student, if this true, then we think more concentration should be placed on this area. We think one way the government can contribute or serve as an agent to sponsor a healthy reading competition among students is when they perform their duty as regards to the educational system.

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