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The Role Of Government In Creating Platform For Gifting & Awards - ETCSINES

Every human being is in need of some basic things to boost self confidence and prompt them to certain positive actions. Most important amongst this is motivation. Motivation is the act of providing or promising certain rewards or consequences for an act that is being carried out or is yet to be performed.

Our primary focus in this article is to examine the various ways in which the government at all levels and relevant authorities can provide or promise rewards or compensation for the show and display of brilliance, wisdom or the act of being exceptional by students and school authorities in various institutions of learning. Government as an institution is in charge of managing the resources of the State, how it is expended and on what it will be expended. In short, the government has a lot of resources at it's disposal. I will highlight some of the steps that the government can take in this regard.

In order to create the proper and adequate reward scheme for brilliance amidst students, the government needs to put meritorious, and deserving people into the management of the.  Schooling and educational system so as to ensure positive policies that will ensure a level paying field for all participants and also provide an atmosphere for adequate rewards and compensation to the teachers, management and students.

The government also has the responsibility and opportunity to be an impartial arbiter and to also provide neutral people to officiate in the organisation of programmes like debates,quiz and other competitions between schools, This will encourage schools and students to put in their best since they believe the whole process will be based on merit and fairness.

The government can provide in the education budget for the bankroling of a major event between schools once in every quarter of the year to focus on certain qualities like cleanliness of the school environment, brilliance of the students, creativity of the teachers and the leadership and management of the schools. Government can also offer tax incentives to individuals and to companies to pick up and sponsor certain events between schools that will also be counted as part of the company's corporate social responsibility to the community.

The government also has the duty to ensure that before calling people and schools to participate in events, every factor that will indicate undue advantage for a particular school are eliminated e.g. the venue for the events, the choice of officials for events and the classification of schools.

Public schools should be adequately funded so that each school can be equal to the other as much as possible. e.g. for each school the provision of standard libraries, laboratories for experiment and research and necessary sporting and recreational facilities. It is like setting up a volleyball competition and only a few schools have volleyball courts, equipments for training and physical education teachers.

In conclusion, the atmosphere that the government sets in this regard also influences the participation of individuals and private companies and organizations. Our society is presently laden with sponsorship by corporate organizations in entertainment related competitions, reality shows and other leisure activities. The sponsorship of educational events and programs have dwindled to the barest minimum and on the brink of extinction. This is an urgent call to those on whose shoulders lie the advancement of the community to take heed and make positive strides towards the attaintment of a confident, healthy and balanced society. 

Thank you.

Writer: Tola Arawomo

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