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The Role Of Media In Creating Platforms For Healthy Reading Competition - ETCSINES

Over the years, the media has been a source of blessing to mankind, it has helped mankind sustain a system in which it knows what, when, how and why the event happens around them. The role of the media in the society cannot be overemphasized. Every of the different type of media has contributed earnestly to the development and growth of the society. Though the media has its negative effects on a general note, you would agree with me that the media has done more good than harm to the society. It is the media that give the society what it is today.

In this write-up, we will be bringing to your notice one of the fundamental roles of the media and how it can help us in the course of this campaign and make sure the reading culture in Nigeria educational sector is sustained. One of the fundamental roles of the media in education. Education has to do with the mind and intellect, feeding the people with the right information in order for them to be informed rather than deformed. Considering our topic for this week, you would agree with me that the media can play a role in sensitizing the people of the importance of having healthy reading competition. If a platform can be created on our various media outlet in which students are given firsthand information about the benefit of reading and how to create a healthy reading competition around them, we believe it will help in boost the reading culture in our educational system.

Every student is aware of the fact that they must read, not only read but read to retain what they have read in order for them to be able to fully utilize what they have learnt. One of the disadvantages we have in our present generation is that students are exposed to a lot of information that does not benefit them. We think it is time for media practitioner and media owner to make the sensitization of students as regard reading as one of their major priorities. The reason why a student would settle for cramming is that they don’t have proper and adequate information about reading and how reading has helped the lives of people across the globe. We would suggest to the media that they should create the platform for students to air the view of this people and learn from them and using this as a medium to discuss how healthy reading competition can foster their learning and reading habit as a student. Until you know something, you never can tell how important and what benefit that thing has to your life and career, I believe if this is adopted, it would go a long way in helping students maximize this opportunity.

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