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The Success of Seminars and Symposiums to Readers - ETCSINES

          Seminars and Symposiums have achieved their sole purpose over time which is prompting of readers to be more active and to enlighten them also. 

             Seminars which are exclusive to a particular number of students and symposiums which are broader both cannot take place without participants who have no knowledge of the subject matter to be discussed.
         Seminars which involve discussions among people must consist of students who are well informed on the subject matter to be discussed which comes primarily through reading.

          Symposiums which require speakers addressing an audience on academic issues also emphasize reading as only what has been read can be transmitted to others. 
            The end result of both also prompt students to read and research on the subject matter addressed to gain more exposure and mastery of the subject matter.
         To discuss with others (seminar), reading is needed. To have presentations to others on a subject matter (symposium), reading is needed also. To attend or participate in any of this reading is needed. The end result of both emphasizes reading. 

          Conclusively, seminars and symposiums have and will always record success among readers, broadening their horizon of reasoning and planting the need to go back to the pages of a subject matter to know about it. In simple terms, reading is needed to achieve both and both have birthed the continuity of reading in their participants. 

Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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