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The Teachers' Role In Encouraging General Periodic Reading - ETCSINES

Times without number, we have carefully discussed the role of the teacher in a bid to propagate this campaign against cramming in the Nigeria educational system. We all know that teachers are the second parent of students and also the first contact they meet in the academic world.

The role of teachers in encouraging this initiative is very important and essential. There was a story of a boy way back in 2009, this boy had an ability he never knew he had, not until an opportunity came for him to show it and there wasn’t any encouragement given to him not until it was noticed by his teacher and she became a major motivator to him. With this kind of motivation, the student became the best in this ability of his and became a public figure. Truth be told, whenever this student is given a speech about his success in life, he never fails to mention the name of the teacher, apparently, the teacher might be dead but her story leaves on in the life of the student. This gives us a clear picture of what a teacher can do and what they should do.

Considering the role of teachers in encouraging general periodic reading, the onus lies on them to make it happen, yesterday we wrote on how to make it happen, adopting it into the educational system or the curricula and syllabuses of students would not be enough. Proper and adequate and conscious effort must be taken by all facilitators in the system to make it happen. If this is the mindset of teachers across the country, then the initiative is a success story.

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