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The value placed on gifts and awards (Past and Present) - ETCSINES

           Examining the value placed on gifts and awards presently in relation, or rather, in contrast to how it was traditionally in the past. 

           Award has been defined as a trophy or medal, something that denotes an accomplishment, especially in a competition. Usually, a prize or honor based on merit. Gifts on the other hand, are received by chance, incidentally, without efforts or charge to be attained and not necessarily by merit. 

           Traditionally in the academic field which is our focus here held awards and gifts in high esteem, both were major bones of contention to be struggled for, worked towards through a combination of many morals including, hardwork, diligence, obedience, integrity. This was because awards and gifts were subject to both academic and moral excellence of students. Students strived hard all through academic sessions to achieve this much celebrated feat with enviable benefits and opportunities.

           Present day however, is a sharp contrast from the advent of gifts and awards. The value and standard associated with gifts and awards have degraded over the years with the students, parents, school administration and most unfortunately, the government championing it. 
           It is no longer strange or news to hear of best students of state universities being offered mugs, cash award less than twenty thousand naira as awards for the exhaustive journey of achieving top grades and being the best amongst thousands of other students.

           Today, intelligence and academic excellence is infamous whole miscreants perpetrating ills in the society are celebrated. 
             Therefore, we urge the educational system to place value, acknowledge academic excellence and celebrate it for the success it truly is. By so doing, students will be more interested in reading diligently to excel in their academics which will serve as a foundation for everywhere they find themselves.


Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (DuwaDiva)

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