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This Is How Human Waste Is Evacuated From An Aeroplane

For those who fly a lot and who travel on long journeys in an aircraft I’m quite sure you must have been pressed at one time or the other and please don’t pretend, it’s normal. Have you ever wondered what the airlines do with your poopoo? Don’t think when you flush the toilet, the whole faeces just fly out of the aircraft into the In this post I will be telling you exactly what the airline do with all your poo and how they dispose of them.

In every long flight, you are always served with food which may go down well with your system or not, for some people the food may not go down well with their stomach and they will end up using the toilet up to 4 or 5 times before they arrive their destination. Well, in this weird post I want to really explain what they do with the wastes in the aircraft.

All aircraft sewage system uses the vacuum toilet which relies on strong suction, the toilet bowl is coated well coated to prevent sticky stuff. When the flush button is pressed, a valve opens sucking down the contents of the toilet bowl with a speed that is faster than the speed of a formula one car through the pipes and into a very large tank which is installed at the bottom of the aeroplane. Once the plane touches the ground, it needs to do two things, refuel and empty the sewage tank. The plane will never take off for its next flight until the sewage (human waste) is removed.

This is where it gets really nasty. The waste disposal truck also called the vacuum truck or honey truck comes to the rescue. Hmmm, honey truck! It’s one of the first vehicles to reach the aeroplane at the gate. This sewage truck has an 800-gallon stainless steel tank which is equipped with a very powerful vacuum that can fill that huge tank in just 10 minutes. But the sad thing is, the honey truck driver still has to connect the sewage pipe with his hand.

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