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Apathy Display By Teachers Towards Their Job - ETCSINES

            It is no news that the level of participation and dedication to educational activities by some teachers has to dwindle drastically. We can say that this was not the way it used to be. So many factors have contributed to the attitude displayed by the teacher. They blame it on the government, they blame it on their pay, they blame it on the student, they even blame it on the institution their working for.

            It is noteworthy to say that not all are bad in the system, if all should be bad, the system would have deteriorated more than it is right now. As a matter of fact, it is a teacher that encourages us to engage in this campaign. We can recollect vividly well when we pay a visit to his office and he gave us some fact about education. Some of those facts show us how some country in the world has the best educational system and where our own beloved country is right now. They are still good eggs in the system, it just that they aren’t visible to the eyes and the bad ones are thriving than the good ones
            It’s so disheartened to know that in the same system, we now have ghost workers; we used to think that it only happens in the ministry but now it is now common in the educational system. It seems that the few passionate ones have crowded the passionate ones and the bad overcomes the good. How can you have a teacher that goes to class anytime he or she wants, it is appalling. Gone are those days in which a teacher would give an assignment and see to it that everyone in the class gets to do that assignment, defaulters would be severely punished.

            These days, we hear of different sexual assault by teachers and you don’t hear things like mentorship. Surprisingly when you conduct an interview with perhaps the best student of a department, you will never hear that my teacher played a significant role in my success; only a few remember their teachers because the teachers don’t get to do much, but this was not so before.

            When the interview is conducted by this teachers, what you hear is that the government are not paying them their salary, there is a lack of motivation in the system. Truth be told, this is the story we have been hearing and we will keep hearing, as a teacher, you first and primary focus should be your student, how you came make not attained academic excellence but attain success in life.

            All these and many more are things that have contributed to the high level of cramming display by students in the system and the reason why we write this is to correct those ills and make our educational system a better place.

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