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Do The General Society See Cramming As Dangerous? - ETCSINES

Right about now, our focus have shifted from the academic society and move to the society in general and it is time for us to examine the views of some of our readers so far. The medium in which we do this is simply by answering this question would be based on the topic we are treating today which state “Do the General Society See Cramming as Dangerous?”
Opinion and views of readers differs, as we have established earlier, you hearing the same content doesn’t guarantee the fact that you would be the same things. It is noteworthy to say that they are different perspectives in life. An individual sees cramming as a great advantage while another sees it as an investment that would not yield positive fruit in years to come. Everyone is aware of the concept of cramming but not everyone view it as a dangerous investment. 

The way we view things matters a lot because our view is directly proportional to our level of understanding of a concept and this tend to affect our disposition. When we talk about cramming, not many people believe it is actually dangerous and this is because of the temporary benefit they get from it. Our advice to people is that they see cramming as dangerous as not reading at all. We believe that if this sharpens our ideology, the reading culture would be strengthened and sustained in the Nigeria educational sector.

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