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General Advice To Parents On Cramming - ETCSINES

Many high school and college students have problems in time planning which result in cramming as a last minute stand. Although some students result in cramming due to pressure from their parents but cramming has many disadvantages to an individual, they include;

  •          Lasts for a short period of time
  • ·         Gives anxiety
  • ·         Might result to low test score
  • ·         Becomes a wasted effort.

Parents are asked, to discourage their wards from cramming, as cramming is dangerous to not just the academic performance of the student but also to their health, as they tend to rush in a whole bunch of information in the final hours. They are therefore advised to encourage their children to study and help their children by promoting healthy study habits.

Parents are to set studying schedules for their children, so as studying can be a part of the child’s daily routine and not something tries cramming a night to a scheduled test. They should also break down the study time into bits for their child so as they would have for resting of the brain
Parents should also eliminate any form of distractions for their children to help enhance a better study lifestyle.

By: Olanike Ibitoye

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