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General Advice To Teachers On The Subject Matter - ETCSINES

            After all said and done, it is high time we proffer a solution from our own end as regards the subject matter.  It is a common saying that you can appropriate what you keep postponing and you can fully maximize the benefit of what you don’t make use of. This is a clarion call to teachers to make use of what they have in a positive way. The reason why God has given them that ability to teach and put them in that position they are today is that they are generations they need to bless through them.

            Whenever someone fails to play his part, the other end suffers; these teachers should note that if not for those who taught them, they would not be where they are today. Unless some of them entered the system because they were hungry and because they want to make ends meet.
            In view of the aforementioned, it is necessary that the teachers do not serve as a hindrance to the growth of the system but they should serve as light bearers.

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