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Government Negligence of Educational Matters - ETCSINES

        It is no longer surprising that the government whom the populace voted into office to cater for their needs and move the nation forward has failed to see the pertinent need to invest in the very future and tomorrow of the nation they have been vested with the power to steer its boat into the promised land. 
          It is not also no longer surprising to witness or hear of scenarios where little or no commendation at all is given to celebrate academic success. Where the government presents mugs and meagre amount of money as the cash reward for students who excelled in their disciplined. 
           It is also no longer surprising that little provision is made for the educational sector even when included in the budget. Political office holders never complain of not being paid salaries meanwhile it is no longer surprising to hear of teachers and lecturers not being paid salaries, arrears and bonuses for over six months. The welfare of those saddled with the primary task of imparting knowledge into students is often neglected. 

             The government should, therefore, pay more attention to this important and sensitive sector of nation building by being more involved in the activities of the educational sector. 


Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa Diva)

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