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How Has The Academic Society Aided Student To Cram? - ETCSINES

By now we belief that majority of us are abreast of what an academic society is all about and the role they need to play as their mandate. Today, we are faced with a question that is contrary to their original mandate. Note, if this question wasn’t realistic, we wouldn’t be asking it. Could it be that there is some form of dysfunctional in the dispensation of their duties as an academic society? Let’s find out.
We are aware that these academic societies are made up off group of individuals that have taken their time to study and attain a height of knowledge in their disciplines; they are revered by many and known by the educational sector. Some of the individuals that makes up these academic societies are lecturer, professors, vice principals and most importantly teachers.

Truth be told, there is one thing for you to believe in something and there is another thing for you to teach it and another thing to pass the ideology to your followers. We have come to realize in the world we live in, because you teach a concept or ideology doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you believe in it, some only teach a concept, ideology or philosophy because it is a normal cliché and they have no option than to. Hence we see a lecturer advising his student on the benefit of reading and instructing them to read but the same lecturer marking scheme negate his ideology or his professed mindset. It is in the educational sector, you see a professor having attain that height of educational status who still believes in “La ’Cram La’ Pour” and you are wondering how he gave there in the first place. 

These are the ways in which these academic societies has aided or contributed to cramming, unconsciously they go against what they teach and stand for and this is the main reason why we are writing so as to correct this ills. Each individual in the educational sector should examine their beliefs and see if they are not going against it in their disposition.

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