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Intro: Government Contribution To Cramming - ETCSINES

The Etcsines campaign “Eradicating the cramming system in Nigeria educational sector” still continues and we believe you have been tremendously blessed by it. A lot of readers would be wondering what is the government contribution to cramming might take, it is very expedient for us to know that the citizen of any nation are under the administration of the government of that nation, it is the government disposition to any issue that determines the response of the citizen or the way they react. When the governments of a country do not pay adequate attention to the educational system, situations like cramming occur and it is our job at Etcsines to write about it, no matter how little it might be. Hence this week, we trace the problem from the top.

Due to low quality of education in our institution, we tend to find lecturers of low-quality standard to lecture student without having proper knowledge of their course, they set question from textbook without giving proper information and explanation and this leads students to pour out what they see in the textbook verbatim, without even having an understanding of it. If you ask my students today and enquire from them what they learnt, some cannot say it, some can't reproduce it, some cannot explain it, some don’t even remember.

If the educational system is properly structured by the government and everything is put in place; the blame would be shifted away from the government, this in others words means that the government should do their part as their part is important for others to do their own too. If they call themselves leaders, it is the function of every leader to lead by example.

In view of this, we will be considering some major area the government has failed in their duties and how they can remedy the situation. We trust you would be blessed by this week write up.

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