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Intro: The Teachers Contribution To Cramming - ETCSINES

Teachers, student’s second parent, they occupy a percentage of a student academic life. You find them in every stratum of the system; they occupy and dominate the system. Someone actually said that you remain a student forever; we guess we can also say that teachers cannot cease to exist in our world.  They are a role model, they set the pace and we follow, they lead by example, their roles in our lives cannot be overemphasized. What if the people we look up to as our heroes are in one way or the other the source of some of the issue we face in our academic problem? Can bitter water and sweet water come out from the same pipe? Let’s find out this week through the good research and thoughtful topic.

            Surprisingly, a lot of problem man face is caused by man, unconsciously or consciously we are major partaker of our problem. The onus lies on us to find a solution to it. In this week, we will answer some salient question you might have been asking yourself in the course of the campaign, questions like why do teachers display preferential treatment in schools and how does this preferential treatment support or aid cramming? Can apathy display by teachers toward their job aid cramming? What are teachers role in improving the reading culture? How have they been able to carry their role effectively and so much more?

            Our writers are ready to do justice to it and we trust you would be blessed. Do stay tuned and enjoy this week topic.



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