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Mindset Of Parent Towards Both Reading And Cramming - ETCSINES

Some parents see cramming as an essential to pass an exam or test outstandingly, while some see it as a means of being unserious that leads to blackhead when the information is needed. Reading is okay with some parents too while it isn't for others. Some parents believe that having enough time to read is better than cramming and that cramming is done only when the lesser time is given. 
According to the study of human brains, we have the longterm memory and the short-term memory. The short-term memory saves data temporarily (having read or studied the material 3 times)  and the long-term memory saves data forever (having read the material 7 times or more.)

Cramming only stresses the brain and as a result, you tend to forget the things you had impatiently read and studied, facts are you may not even understand when you cram because questions asked in today's world is applied and not just direct. Reading makes you understand better and more knowledgeable about the subject studied. Just like every individual are different, some parents prefer cramming while some prefer reading. The question here is that which is better? 
I was a different individual talking from experience tested variety and information on the topical issue will say reading is better. All you need is a good timetable and enough time to study.

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