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Preferential Treatment Exhibited by Teachers to Aid Cramming - ETCSINES

"Oh! My teacher is an amazing person but he prefers that Ruth handles all our lesson notes, Jeremiah records the tests, and Favour to call him when its time for classes. I am the class representative but he has chosen to take these three(3) especially."
"You need to see how much I read for the test last week, yet I only had a five out of twenty but Luke had a sixteen when he didn't even prepare for the test, Rachel that 'prepared' had nineteen out of twenty, and Divine was sick during the test but was given ten out of twenty based on 'how she would have performed if she was around' ".

"There's really no point reading for Mr Sam's test as we know that he doesn't mark our scripts, he just scores us based on our previous performances ruling out the fact that we can actually improve on our performances"

It is no news that teachers play a very vital role in cramming in the Nigerian Educational System, but now we would be examining the role that preferential treatment exhibited by them aids the cramming behaviour in students.

The same way parents are encouraged not to treat one child preferably above the other, teachers are employed to do same as treating one student over the other would cause envy, unhealthy rivalry, breached communication between the teacher and the less preferred student(s), disinterest in the subjects being taught by the teacher, and so many.

As once students assume that you prefer a particular set of students, they just give themselves to 'reading the night before the exam' because they think that whatever they do would be of no effect, they would 'copy and paste' their assignments, and be nonchalant to issues concerning that course or subject, and sometimes they would even disrespect the teacher because of this. This is not to say that non-chalancy or cramming is excusable in this sense, but it is to say that teachers play a role in it by treating some students better than others.

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