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Review Of Unfavorable Government Policy On Reading - ETCSINES

            Yesterday, we gave a crucial introduction to an important topic, an introduction that is pertinent to our topic of the week, “Government Contribution To Cramming”. In this write-up, we will be doing a review of unfavourable government policy on reading. Hence, we urge our readers to pay attention, as there is a lesson to learn from the concise and precise piece.

            First off, a quick definition of what a policy is; a policy serves the purpose of ensuring that every of the facial action of an organization must have a basis or a backing.
Over the years, the gap between educational policies and goal attainment due to inadequate implementation of these policies has become of great concern to many observers. Educational policies are initiatives mostly by governments that determine the direction of an educational system (Okoroma 2000:190). According to Osokoya (1987:2): Education is a distinctive way in which the society inducts its young ones into full membership. Every modern society needs some educational policies to guide it in the process of such an initiation.

In the view of Awokoya (1981), educational policy is directed towards increasing the quality of life of a people. He believes that the objective of any policy is to satisfy individual needs, community pressures and the degree of complexity and sophistication to which socialised personnel must be educated and trained to meet these demands. The following considerations, according to Awokoya (1981), are necessary to guide the formulation of adequate educational policy.

It is noteworthy to say that it is discovered that instead of adopting good or favourable government policies that will aid reading, due to some reason some policies that do not favour or aid reading has been implemented and the reasons are not far-fetched. They are
·         Lack of political will
·         Corruption
·         Lack of Good Advisor on National Educational Matters
In lieu of this, there is an urgent need for a workable educational policy for Nigeria. It is for this reason that the following recommendations are advanced.
•    The present national educational policy should be disbanded on account of its non-workability.
•    An indigenous system of education fashioned after the models operated by Asian countries should be adopted. Ideas that are alien to the cultures of Nigeria should be avoided because they are bound to fail.
•    Education should be removed from the sphere of politics. It should be made purely a constitutional matter, but not as provided by the 1999 constitution which allows escape routes for political leaders.
When the constitution states that "Government shall as and when practicable provide free education at different levels”, the right to education has been denied the citizens and political leaders may be non-committal as the provision of education becomes a discretionary matter.
•    The entrenchment of education as a non-negotiable right of every citizen in the constitution would help check corruption in that sector. Corruption is largely responsible for the failure of the
National Policy on Education and other policies in Nigeria.
•    Mismanagement of educational resources at any level should be made a serious offence attracting a minimum of five years’ imprisonment. This should be included in the next constitution of Nigeria. It is believed that in the presence of corruption no new system of education can succeed.
•    Nigerian governments and leaders should develop the necessary political will for education to grow.
•    Every effort should be made to eradicate corruption from all spheres of Nigeria’s various programs so that available resources can be utilised for the public interest.

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