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The Role Of Parenting In Helping Students To Read - ETCSINES

Many of us will recall the happiness we enjoy been read to and sharing reading with our parents. Parents reading to their children helps to improve the ability of the child to read when growing.
The problem is when the child gets to some certain age, parents stop reading to them. At first, it looks strange to the child and he experiences a sense of disappointment. The question now is, why is it important that parents read with their children as long as possible?

Research has typically found that shared reading experiences are highly beneficial for young people. Benefits of shared reading include facilitating enriched language exposure, fostering the development of listening skills, spelling, reading comprehension and vocabulary, and establishing essential foundational literacy skills. They are also valued as a shared social opportunity between parents and their children to foster positive attitudes toward reading.

When we read aloud to children it is also beneficial for their cognitive development, with parent-child reading activating brain areas related to narrative comprehension and mental imagery. While most of the research in this area focuses on young children, this does not mean that these benefits somehow fades as children age.

As young people’s attitudes towards reading reflect their experiences of reading at home and at school in childhood and beyond, providing an atmosphere of shared reading experience at home can help to turn our children into life-long readers.

It should be noted that not all shared reading experience is enjoyable, some parent gives the responsibility of older siblings, with mixed result.  Children should be monitored while been read to by their older siblings so as to correct were mistake occurs to create a sense of guidance.   

Parents should also monitor their child reading development do not ignore them, charge them to read newspapers, novel, and so on. 

I remain Olumide Afuye

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