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The Tragedy Of A Parent Who Believes In Cramming - ETCSINES

Parents always play an important role in the development of a child and in this context, the reading culture of students and this cannot be overemphasised. As mentioned earlier in "The Role of Parenting in Helping Students to Read," reading with your child not only builds an emotional bond between the child and the parents, reading to a young child develops their literacy skills, spelling, pronunciation and it heightens their interests for books when they are grown.
Parents who are uninvolved in the development of a reading culture in their children cannot and should not expect much from them academically. Children are very likely to enjoy tasks done with older people (parents, older siblings, relatives, teachers, neighbours) as there's something special about connecting emotionally with a particular task, the process involved in the task would never be forgotten, and so would the experience. 

Are there actually parents that believe in cramming,  and seek it as the only way out for students to pass? Of course! It just point out that they are uninterested in this aspect of their child's life or they crammed throughout their schooling and as such are not expecting anything different from their children. 

As a parent, you think that your child can go through the term without reading or turning in assignments early, and they can cram the notes to pass the exams, it just shows how much you know as nothing the child learns would be part of him, and it would not be relevant to him as he has not learnt it. 

This parent would contribute to the increasing number of 'uneducated' graduates in the world today as that child would graduate from school having an inept knowledge of the course he/she studied and this would translate to having an illiterate that has graduated from school. So, what exactly was the point of sending him to school?

The idea of having parents that support cramming is destructive.

Writer: Nwachukwu Nkechinyere

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