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What Makes Up An Academic Society? - ETCSINES

In our previous write-up, we gave a clear definition on what a society is, it is noteworthy to say that every sphere of influence has its own society, a group of people that are saddled with the expectation to cohabit together for the betterment of each other and them also having a dominant expectation. In this topic, we will be looking at what makes up an academic society, for those who are not aware of this, you are about to get educated on the concept and it relates to the cramming system in the educational sector of Nigeria.

It is also noteworthy to say that an academic society can also be said to be a learned society. A learned society is also known as a learned academy, scholarly society, or academic association) is an organisation that exists to promote an academic discipline, profession, or a group of related disciplines such as the arts. If the main reason why such societies are created is to promote a discipline, the onus lies on us to identify who are the people that spearhead this and why are they chosen to spearhead it? What are their qualifications and most importantly the role they have to play?

Starting from the first question stated above, who are these people called the learned? They are called learned because they possess and have acquired much knowledge through study in a particular field or discipline. We will agree that much knowledge couldn’t be gotten through cramming because the word study was mentioned and a point of emphasis, and we are aware that a crammer does not study to acquired or retain knowledge but to pass.

The second question we must answer as stated above is the question of the role they have to play. One of the roles out of numerous roles they are expected to perform is to advance the knowledge in its respective discipline and promote this in our global village. If this is through, then we are very much aware that a crammer can’t and won’t do such.

From the above answers, we can comfortably say that what makes up an academic society are people who have taken their time to study in their various discipline, not people who crammed to pass a particular subject, those people don’t even get to register their names on the history board of academic societies.

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