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A Crammer Has No Tendency Of Becoming A Writer - ETCSINES

It is a profound statement and some may argue it or want to bring out reasons why it is not true but on the long run, you would agree with us that they are certain principles that guide the outcome of any particular event. They are things that wouldn’t just happen until you make them happen. It has been proven that what you do consistently over time becomes a habit and a habit eventually turns into a character. Most of the writers you see today would tell you today that if they had not stuck to reading at an early stage of their lives, it is unlikely they become what they are today. 

            When we say a crammer has no tendency of becoming a writer, the first thing we would want you to consider is that the word “crammer” base on the subject matter means a student who crams and to cram means to prepare hastily for an impending exam. For someone who possesses that ability, it is evident that such a person does not have reading has a habit and besides the bedrock of writing is reading. Any student who has a habitual habit of cramming has no tendency of becoming a writer, for such students to venture into that field or career, the basic has to be dealt with.

            Here is our believe at Etcsines, whether you are an aspiring writer or someone who just love writing, it is expedient you do away with cramming and focus on reading and for those who don’t have any business to do with writing or do not want to choose it as a career path, it is also pertinent you do away with because it would not help your academic life.

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