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Cramming Ends In School, Reading Is A Life Style - ETCSINES

This topic is a slogan or lets says a motto for us in this campaign, we can continue singing all year long if it is what it takes for people to understand that we are not joking and we meant serious business. Why do you want to settle for a short-cut and knowing fully well that it has a tendency of hampering your future? We are responsible for the choices we make has human and it is expedient we make the right one so as to benefit our generation and the upcoming generation.

One of such decision we are to make is to say yes to reading and no to cramming. Why is reading so important? Why don’t we just cram and pass the course and besides what is the point of reading, when eventually we don’t get the required score? Well, we have a world of comfort for you, it is not about now but about the future, so many have gone down that lane and they are biting their fingers, some haven’t recovered from it. The rate at which a lot of students have been stuck at one junction in their academic pursuit is alarming; it is our advice that you don’t join that bandwagon.

Whether we like it or not, reading speaks of posterity, it speaks of things that last long, men that read are read about. Cramming is just a mirage, it tries to paint a picture of a clear future but it is a future that is not long lasting, a future that would eventually fade off when the pressure of life hits it. You only get to remember what you read in years to come and can refer to them not what you cram, have that in mind readers.

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