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Every Discipline Requires Reading Not Cramming - ETCSINES

I sat down and imagined how knowledge in every field evolved – the laws, theories, definitions, principles, formulae, equations among others. How do they come to being? Have you ever wondered how those formulas in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics were created, what brought about the law of thermodynamics and gravity, or how do the communication, sociological, political, financial theories emerged? I think you should try to think about this for three minutes before reading further.

The truth here is that every discipline and fields of studies demand an in-depth understanding of the contents. And that can only be achieved through studying and not cramming. Every student has a mandate to “study”; that is why they are called “students.” Every discipline should be understood to an extent at which they can affect an advancement in the body of knowledge in their disciplines.
The basis of every mathematical formula is an attempt by the proponent to give a structural understanding of principles. Likewise, every theory in social science theory is a result of research findings that have been tested, proven and validated.

By Daniel Owa-George 
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