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Examining The Life Of A Good Music Students: A Reader - ETCSINES

            How can you tell that a person is a good music student, it’s very simple, we might be much of a music maestro but we want you to know that every musician has a music genre and your music genre would determine your message, standard, and audiences?

            Let’s take a look at the standard for a while; in order for you to now a good student of music that produces quality music, they are a certain standard to look out for, they are: Performance, Creation, Reading, Listening, and Understanding Relationships. Out of the five mentioned musical standard for a good music student, reading is number three, surprisingly, cramming wasn’t made mentioned.
            In exploring this standard, what must the student to fully achieve them, when it comes to performance, the student will use the performance of music as a means for creative expression and communication. Musical performance is one way of developing effective communicators.

Through the performance of music, students develop confidence, self-discipline, and the ability to work with others. They see themselves as a relevant part of their world and integrate prior knowledge and personal experiences into a variety of endeavors. The music they perform or study often becomes an integral part of their personal musical repertoire. Also in creation, Students will communicate their thoughts and ideas through the creation of music. Composing and improvising provide students with unique insight into the form and structure of music and, at the same time; help them to develop their creativity. Working within the form and structure of music, students gain the ability to problem-solve and apply their basic knowledge using higher level thinking skills. These skills are enhanced through emerging technology.

On a final note, when it comes to reading which our point of emphasis is, a good musical student would read and notate music, learning to read and notate music gives students skills with which to explore music independently and with others. Reading music promotes higher level thinking skills through translation of symbols and serves as a means of communication throughout the world. A firm grounding in this standard lays the foundation for lifelong learning.

In view of the above, we can deduce that part of the factors that qualify a good musical student to produce a high-class music reading, so also is that student reading this piece of information, cramming would not help you, it would only complicate matters.

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