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Examining The Role Of Reading In Music As A Career - ETCSINES

            Hi there, we believe you were intrigued by our write-up yesterday, let’s continue from where we stop by examining the role of reading in music as a career. Just as it is important for students to recognize why they read literature, to experience and connect with themselves and each other (sound familiar?), they should recognize how the musical language and literature can fulfill the very same human needs.

            When you read a good book, you get absorbed in the characters, follow the storyline, and comprehend the words as they transform into images in your brain. Your emotions can go on a rollercoaster ride as you read the words describing an exciting chase or the evil villain or the feeling as the characters fall in love. Reading music is about comprehension in very much the same way. Learning the note names are the basic words. Learning the scales are putting those words in order and understanding some sentence structure. Performing a piece of music is the same as reading all of the words as they weave into a completed sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, a series of chapters and so on. You’re piecing together musical words and phrases to tell a story, complete with good guys, bad guys, thrilling storylines, romance, and sometimes pure fun. You can tell serious stories, happy stories, sad stories, and sometimes historical stories.

            Also, Harmony comes from scales and scales are written on a musical staff, and you need to know how to read music and understand the importance of reading in music as a career to come into full comprehension of this. You can also learn how to play a song or piece of music without ever hearing it. Knowing how to read allows a musician to teach himself or herself a piece of music without the aid of anyone or anything else. Waoh, we believe you just saw that last highlighted sentence; much more reading can do for you. Then we continue to ask ourselves at Etcsines why an individual would want to settle for less in his studies when he can maximize the value in which reading portrays. Students, we think it is time you say no to cramming and maximize reading.

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