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Examining The Role Of Reading In Writing As A Career - ETCSINES

            When we say examine, we meant consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential feature or meaning. In light of this, we want to see the role reading has played in writing as a career. This write-up might not be as long has you want it to be but it would serve its purpose for those wanting to go into writing or have written as a career.

            The first thing you should have in mind as a writer is that for you to be a seasoned writer, you must be a reader, even though you are endowed with the gift of writing from above, it still do not negate the fact that you have to a habit of reading and not just reading, consistent and persistent reading. Reading has a lot of advantages because it empowers research, brings about innovation, sponsor qualitative and quantitative reasoning and so much more. 99.9% of the writers or people who have chosen writing as a career would tell you that one of their strongest link and what still keeps them or give them that edge in their career as a writer is their ability to read.

            We are all aware that this those not begin in a day, it is a habit that has been cultivated long enough for it to grow and become what it is today in their lives. This is the main reason why we are urging you as a student not to joke with reading. Apart from the fact that it guarantees your success throughout your academic year, it also gives you an edge as a potential writer. We believe by this short write-up, you have been enlightened about the benefit of writing, do stay in touch for more on this platform.

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