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General Advice To Students Who Wants To Choose Writing As A Career - ETCSINES

            We want to say a big thank you for choosing this as a career, it simply means you are part of our icon in years to come and we would try as much as possible to support you in every aspect. Here are some few pieces of advice; we believe it is going to be handy in your chosen path and career.

            First off, like we have always say, it is better not to start a thing than to start it and not end it, if you have chosen writing as a career choice, stay at it, don’t be discourage at the very beginning when your write-up is not seen or read by many, as a matter of fact even those one you wrote are being criticized, avoid discouragement rather discourage your discouragement.

            Secondly, we have discovered that to be successful in this chosen career of yours, you need to have a mentor that you would pattern your life after, remember someone has gone ahead of you and they know better.

            Finally, raise men like you; you can only say a leader is successful when you see the achievement of his successor.

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