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Introduction: Writing As A Career - ETCSINES

Good morning readers, we are presented with another amazing topic this week and it promises to be exciting, intriguing and mind-blowing. This topic gives us assurance that what we do is a source of major impact to the world because through it kings and prince have ruled. In this 21st century, one of the ways to get your thought, opinion, ideas, mindset, ideology, and wisdom to the outside world is by pinning it down or in other words by writing. 

Note, before you can become a writer or before you can write anything then you must have read something. The greatest writers of all time would tell you that the secret to their writing prowess is their ability to be able to read relevant material that has increased their knowledge gap and enable to communicate their own thoughts to the outside world. As Etcsines writers, we can emphatically tell you that one of the attributes that are the dominant feature in our DNA is our ability to read and not only read but read wide. Think about it, how were we able to disseminate such depth of knowledge if we haven’t done our assignment of reading.

            One way to identify a problem in a society is to read about the things that constitute that society, you will definitely find what is missing and become a solution provider to that society. Most of the solutions we need to the crises in this world are a lock in a book written by someone somewhere, our inability to make quality research is what is killing us in this generation. Hence, this week, we have decided to explore the brain behind having writing as a career and why do you think people settle for writing as a career after spending so much on a particular course in the university or the reason why someone just wants to be writer looking at the more lucrative career opportunity that presents itself before him or her.

            Join us this week as we unravel this beautiful topic and we are very sure you would be glad you did. Remember our aim is to reawaken the reading culture in Nigeria student.

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