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The Connection Between Reading And Music - ETCSINES

Okay, let’s go a little bit deeper today, you are asking how it is now time for us to talk to those interested in music and want to have a career in music. It is also expedient for you to remember that the main of all this is to show the importance of reading in this career, so if you are wondering what this has got to do with the campaign, don’t wander far, it simple and straight, there is only one way to let you know how dangerous cramming and the only way is by showing you or bringing to your view numerous advantages reading can give you.

            According to recent research, music can improve speech and reading skills by increasing one’s ability to distinguish between different sounds and understand the patterns of language. Nina Kraus, director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University explained: “People's hearing systems are fine-tuned by the experiences they've had with sound throughout their lives. Music training is not only beneficial for processing music stimuli. We've found that years of music training may also improve how sounds are processed for language and emotion. For example, the trained brain gets better at detecting patterns in sounds, so that musicians are better at picking out the voice of a friend in a noisy restaurant.”

            This understanding of sound patterns would be very beneficial to students learning how to read, especially ESL (English as a Student Language) students. It would help ESL students increase their awareness of the sounds in the English language (phonemic awareness). Students would still need to learn how to connect sounds to their letter representations, but music exposure would help language and reading make more sense as they learn more and improve their skills.

            We believe that with the above point, you have been able to see the connection between reading and music and why you should not joke with reading as a student and don’t joke with music as a student interested in maximizing the importance of reading. It is our belief at Etcsines that you would use this information given to you and share it with friends and family so that they can come to full knowledge of why we need to read and take reading seriously.

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