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The Kind Of Music That Requires Cramming - ETCSINES

            At the first sight of this topic, it was so hilarious, we kept wondering what our readers would say about it, have we diverted attention? Are we still on the campaign? What is our business with a song that requires cramming? Well, it just to show you how cramming has eaten deep into the systems of the world, not only the educational system.

            According to research done by us recently on the topic “music”, we asked a question like how many times do you listen to a song before you learn it and can sing it the way a singer sang it. They were a lot of funny responses and some of such were dependent on individual perspectives on the subject matter which simply means we have different perspectives to the question being asked but there was one perspective that seems to be dominant or keep resonating  in the course of our interview and it is the “the type of music”. This suggests to us that they are some type of music that no matter how brilliant you are or how high your brains function, it would take some extra effort and some extra time before you can grasp the whole song. In view of this, we decided to conduct another research on where and how this music came into being, how were they produce?

            We decided to consider Rap Music, we all know that due to the complexity of the nature of the song, even an average person does not get to know and understand the lyrics of the song at first hearing, it takes two or three hearing before you get the message and sometimes you discover that there is no message in the song, it is just a compilation of words that do not make sense, people just love it base on the sound or beat it produces. The question lies thus: What mechanism is required to learn such song, the answer is not far-fetched; it is called cramming.

            In our next write-up, we are going to give you a detailed write up on how long this song last in our memory and what is it related to the books we cram to pass our exams. Let’s be reminded that we are on a campaign to eradicate the cramming system in Nigeria Educational Sector. Our aim is to reawaken the reading culture of Nigeria students.

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