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9 Things That Might Ruin Your Cover Letter (Be Careful)

The Cover Letter is one of the most important documents a job applicant uses to market himself in the Labour Market. As a matter of fact, it helps to show you off and captivate the attention of a recruiter to your application.

According to expert, a cover letter is like a movie trailer that teases a recruiter to keep reading your resume. In fact, it will make any employer be so interested in you that they want to meet you in person.
Therefore, whenever you write a cover letter, you must pay attention to details and be very professional. A good cover letter will simply tell interesting and breathtaking stories about you.

The Cover letter is so important that you shouldn’t try to blow it off with little mistakes. In this article, we will show you the 9 words/phrases that will ruin your cover letter.

In fact, if you add any of these words/phrases in a cover letter, the letter will become counterproductive. So, read the tips below carefully and start rewriting your cover letter right away.

9 Words/Phrases That Will Ruin Your Cover Letter

#1. To Whom It May Concern

One of the words/ phrases that will ruin your cover letter is “To Whom It May Concern”. This phrase is too generic and it may not really capture the recruiter’s attention.

It is advisable to do further research before applying for the job. You can use LinkedIn to search for the recruiter of the company you are applying to.

However, when you can’t get the exact name of the recruiter, you can be creative and come up with another unique and less popular phrase. This will always grab the recruiter’s attention.

#2. “Thinking Outside The Box”

I am sure you know that recruiters receive countless cover letters daily. The most annoying part of this is that most of the cover letters have similar style and formats.

According to a Recruiter we spoke with recently, 14 out of every 15 cover letters have the phrase “Thinking outside the box”. To recruiters, this is so boring and annoying.

Whenever a recruiter sees a cover letter that is so fertile, promising with fewer buzzwords and boring phrases, they give it extra time. So, be creative with words and phrase whenever you are writing a cover letter.

#3. Insider Jargons

Insider jargons are also some of the words/phrases that will ruin your cover letter. Try to use professional words rather than jargons. Use phrases that will not stress your recruiter to understand.

#4. Claims Without Evidence

Many applicants claim to have experience in the role they are applying for. Sadly, they never provide evidence to back their claim. This can ruin your cover letter and make recruiters doubt the credibility of your story.

#5. “Love”

Love is another word applicants often use that can ruin their cover letter. Job seekers are fond of quoting statement like “I would really love to work in your company when given the opportunity”.

Instead of using the above statement, let the recruiter know that you are passionate about the job and how your passion for the role can affect your productivity positively.

#6. Lies

Telling Lies in your cover letter is something you should never do. As you will always let down the recruiter who hire you in future based on the lies on your cover letter.

Never talk about skills you don’t have or oversell yourself for a role you don’t have experience about. Telling lies in your cover letter will always create awkward situations in the future. In fact, you may even lose the job as you aren’t the candidate they were looking for.

#7. “Dynamic”

Dynamic is among the words/phrases that will ruin your cover letter. Don’t stuff your cover letter with common words like dynamic. Try to be more creative with words.

#8. Copy and Paste Your Details

Some job applicants basically duplicate what all the details on CV in their cover letter. This is actually a wrong practice that can ruin your cover letter.

Try to write details about you that aren’t reflected in your resume. This will make the cover letter more interesting to recruiters.

#9. “Self Starter”, “Detail Oriented” and “Forward Thinker”

These are also among the words/phrases that will ruin your cover letter. Experts call these words, “Frequent Offenders”. They are overused by applicants and have lost their values.

So, try to connect with recruiters in your cover letter rather than mere formality. You can say things that make you excited about the job, some of your recent activities that may interest the recruiters etc.

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