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Ayogu Eze And The Allegation Of Embezzlement, Opposition Is Not Madness

I read with awe a malicious, spurious and diversionary write up on the Facebook wall of one Ene Victor Chukwudi that the distinguished senator, Senator Ayogu Eze embezzled both FERMA(federal road maintenance agency) funds and the one budgeted by the then ministry of works for the construction of a federal road project.
The said article or rather a fabrication was concocted by one Mr. Jackson Ude.

A quick survey showed that the same Mr. Jackson Ude was behind a blog named that carried similar malicious fabrication against the person of the then coordinating minister, Mrs. Okonjo Iweala.
It's on record that the minister never hesitated to drag the blogger to court where the court awarded the sum of #20m against the blogger for fabricating libelous information meant to tarnish the image of the minister.

After reading the disjointed article typical of one written under duress, I advised Mr. Ene to pull it down. Sadly, few hours after the chat, the police acting on a petition by an aide to the Anambra state governor arrested Mr. Ene for character assassination.

On the allegation proper, the honorable senator was accused of embezzling funds allocated to FERMA for road maintenance nationwide. With all sincerity, any discerning mind should be able to deduce the inscription on the wall and see the allegation to be a mere political gimmick and nothing but a figment of the initiator's 
imagination. Getting the record straight, senator Ayogu was never a managing director of the federal road maintenance agency.
How these people that have decided to carve a niche in mischief making came to the conclusion that the Senator embezzled funds allocated to a different agency could be expatiated by them.

Again, they accused the honorable gentleman of embezzling funds meant for the construction of the Ogrute-Umuida-Odoru federal road.
It's regrettably sardonic that a leader who fought tirelessly for the betterment of his people is being accused wrongly in the name of partisan politics.

The said project that the mischief makers are using as a tool to tarnish the good image of the Senator was attracted by him.
This is sacrilegious and an ugly trend unprecedented in Igbo land.
In Igbo land, we do not repay a good deed with evil acts.

It seems that what actually got the senator's traducers 'aroused' was the fact that he headed the senate committee on works, which they are now using as a gambit to launch vituperations on his person.
For avoidance of doubt, the senate committee on works is one of the 57 Senate committees solely saddled with an OVERSIGHT FUNCTION.

The office of the committee chairmen are not funded to execute projects.
The said road project was attracted by the honorable senator, captured and appropriated under the ministry of works, awarded to a contractor named PW Nigeria limited and funded by the ministry of finance.
Why is the growing popularity and acceptance of Ayogu Eze by many well meaning people of the state unsettling the camp of the incumbent government that they are hellbent on roping him into the abandoning of a federal road project?

Have they established from the ministry of works how much was appropriated for the project and how much was released by ministry of finance to ascertain if the project was adequately funded?

Is the state government implying that, in any abandoned project, funds have been embezzled?
Can we now rightly posit that with the avalanche of the state government abandoned projects, that the funds meant their for completion has been embezzled?

Opposition is and will never be madness. Ayogu Eze is unperturbed; neither will he be distracted in his quest to cleanse the state and restore it to the part of glory.
The gimmicks of praise singers, whose lips have been paid for to disseminate falsehood will never deter us from telling the people the truth in our faintest voice.


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