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Channels TV Accused Of Editing Video Of Interview With Femi Adesina

Just recently, Femi Adesina made a statement in an interview with channels TV that all over the world casualties of soldiers aren't disclosed. This statement was however proven to be a blatant lie as there are records of casualties of soldiers from the UK, US, France, and several countries which are accessible online and to citizens.
Adesina came under heavy attacks and criticisms from Nigerians following this lie. However, a journalist with CBC news, BBC who is based in Lagos, named Anna Cunningham with twitter handle @journo_anna this morning discovered that channelstv had edited the said interview on their YouTube page and cut out the part where Femi Adesina made the controversial statement?

Why did channels TV cut out the part where Femi made the figure statement?
Whose interest was channels TV serving to have edited the video?
Are channels TV doing the bidding of the APC?
Can channels TV be henceforth seen as unbiased and reliable news platform?

Here is the edited video on channels YouTube

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