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How To Easily Make Money With Nairafans (No Registration Fee Required)

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria with
Looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria? Then look no further as I will be taking you through the whole process of earning cash legitimately from home.
There are many ways to earn money online in Nigeria, but most of them will expect you to do difficult tasks such as paying registration fees or bringing referrals to register with money. You see, this is difficult as it will be hard to pay such registration fees or convince your friend to pay. And most times even after registering, they may not even pay you at all.

The truth is, most of the opportunities to make money online are fake, but only a few will pay you only after making money from you. That is why I want to bring you this brand new opportunity that will pay you even before you start. No registration fees, no referrals, no MLM, no fake promises. You join, participate, earn and cashout weekly with no excuses.
You may never have heard about this site, but this is the best site to earn online in Nigeria right now. With so many money making opportunities available for everyone, you only need to signup for free, participate and start earning.
If you are ready, I will show you 10 ways to start earning cash on starting from now. There is no limit to how much you can earn and there is no discrimination. Anyone and Everyone who has a smartphone can join for free and start earning cool Naira into their bank accounts weekly. Let’s take a look at all the ways to Earn money on
10 Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria with
  1. Sign up Bonus (₦500): For signing up as a new member of, you will receive ₦100 into your account as a signup bonus. It doesn’t matter whether you were invited by anyone or if you came by yourself. You will receive your ₦100 bonus immediately after completing your free account.
  2. Daily Login & Read News (₦50): Once you log in daily and read the news and other entertaining contents on, you can earn up to ₦50 per day. The more you log in to your Nairafans account every day and read interesting news on the blog page, the more you can earn.
  3. Post Comment (₦2): For every comment, you make on you earn ₦2. You can post as many comments as you wish and discuss with others on the topic, but you will receive ₦2 for only the first comment on a topic. If you comment 10 times on a topic, you will earn ₦2. If you comment 10 times on 10 topics, you will earn ₦20. And so on.
  4. First Comment on the 1st post of the day (₦50): For every 1st post daily, there will be the fastest fingers competition where the first to comment on that post will earn ₦50. If you comment first on the 1st post for that day, you will earn ₦50 as first to comment + your ₦2 for your normal comment.
  5. First Comment on the 10th post of the day (₦50): For every 10th post every day, there will be the fastest fingers competition where the first to comment on that post will earn ₦50. If you comment first on the 10th post for that day, you will earn ₦50 as first to comment + your ₦2 for your normal comment.
  6. Correct Quiz answers (₦50 x 5): There will be several quiz questions on the site where the first 5 correct answers will earn ₦50 each. If you are among the first 5 people to provide the correct answer to a quiz question, you will earn ₦50 for your answer + ₦2 for your normal comment.
  7. Last man standing (₦100): For the last post of the day, Nairafans will run a lucky draw where the last person to comment wins ₦100. You can comment as many times as you wish, but only the last person to comment will win ₦100. The comment section will be closed at exactly 10:00PM and the last person to comment before the comment closes will become the winner.
  8. Sports 4 Cash (₦10,000 – ₦100,000): This is one of the most interesting parts of where anyone can win as much as ₦100,000. The Sports 4 Cash game is a sports game where you can predict the correct scores of 4 football matches as given for the day. If you predict the correct scores of the 4 matches, you can win cash depending on how much you play with. If you play with ₦100 you can win ₦10,000. If you play with ₦200 you can win ₦20,000. If you play with ₦500 you can win ₦50,000. If you play with ₦1,000 you can win ₦100,000. You can only play with your Available balance on your Nairafans Account. Once you submit your ticket, the stake Amount will be deducted from your balance instantly to validate your stake. 
  9. Advert Share (20% commission): If you love marketing and advertising, then you can make as much as 1 Million Naira from this opportunity. The job is simple. Find Businesses/Companies/Advertisers to place advertisements on and you will earn 20% off the Advert price. No stories. You can help businesses reach their customers and earn passive income doing what you love. If a business pays ₦100,000 for an advert, you will receive ₦20,000 as your commission. If you can bring 10 to 20 businesses in a month to Advertise, imagine how much you can make. And don’t forget that you can cash out your commissions instantly to your bank account. No stories.
  10. My Naira link (₦2): This is another way to earn passive income online in Nigeria. On your dashboard, you have a unique link called My Naira link which you can use to advertise Nairafans to your friends. Just like in Affiliate marketing, you can place this link online anywhere on blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, Instagram, and other sites, and you will earn ₦2 once someone clicks on that link and signup on Very easy. You can place the link and forget it. Once you have many people clicking on your Naira link, your earnings will start adding up in your account.
Interesting right? There you have it. The best way to earn money in Nigeria right now. No other site comes close in terms of the opportunities and cash rewards that are available on You can earn as much as you want as there is no limit at all. The only thing that can stop you is you. You can Signup right now for free and receive your own ₦100 bonus into your account. Time is money, use it to make money.
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