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Reading: A Culture That Makes Career Icons - ETCSINES

There are two key choices in life – success and failure. Are you surprised? Yes, success is a choice as well as failure. You either choose to succeed or to fail! It is a personal responsibility. Career icons are those who foresaw the position they are today years ago. The present is a determining factor for your future. You have the opportunity to start building your future today. You can decide to build a hut, a bungalow or, rather, a mansion. It all depends on your “choice” and what you do with the resources at your disposal.

Only a few people, around the world, emerge exceptional in their chosen careers. Every career giant and iconic figures are people who have rendered lasting solutions to problems in their fields. The level of success you will accomplish in your career is a product of the passion, knowledge, and competence you possess in that career.

Let me tell you a secret: Reading is a culture that builds you. Those who have discovered this secret are people who a soaring triumphantly in their careers. Pay attention as I tell you this mystery. Sometimes ago, through the help of God, as I was meditating, I discovered that the most valuable and expensive natural recourses in the world are not gotten on a platter of gold; many of them are dug from the ground or the depth of the sea. Examples are gold and crude oil. In my mind, I asked, “Why did the creator of the universe, God Almighty, not put a resource such as gold on a tree, like he did for rubber? Why did he have put it deep in the ground, and should require months or years of digging to be reached? Why did God not just hang it on the tree for easy access?” Then, I was made to understand that treasures of great value require “digging deep” to be found.
In that similar way, I had a supernatural understanding that the more you read is the more you dig, and the more you dig is the more your chances of discovery. My friend, valuable treasures are hidden, you have to dig to discover them. Those who are successful career giants are people who have dug beyond the boundary of limitation to discover what only a few or nobody has discovered. Anybody who chooses to adopt the normal procedures or modus operandi will only end up to be mediocre. Excellent people go an extra mile to do what others don’t do.

Bill Gate, at the age of 13, was already an ardent and voracious reader. He discovered a problem nobody did and went ahead to proper solutions to it. That is why, today, he is an emperor in his career. Ben Carson was a “dullard,” but he began building his career and achievement when he challenged himself to start reading. It all started with reading. Career builders are today readers. Imbibe the culture of reading.
By Daniel Owa-George

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