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Sale Ahmad Sale 'Baban Hassan' Killed By Nigerian Army

According to the Nigerian army, one Sale Ahmad Sale a. k. a. Baban Hassan the leader of Al-Barnawi Media group, a faction of Boko Haram was killed by a joint operation conducted by the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Airforce.
The killing of the media leader is indicative of efforts by the army to eliminate key members of the sect.

It is worthy to note that the sect is directly affiliated to the Islamic State and has carried out several attacks against own troops and innocent civilians in the past.

Therefore, the death of the group’s media leader shows that the leadership is being targeted successfully and soon other key members would be apprehended or neutralized, thus decimating the group and its activities.

Meanwhile, the new leader of JAMA'ATU NUS'RATUL-ISLAMI WAL-MUSLIMINA, Abul- Fadl Iyad Gali has also been identified.

The group is a new terrorist group which Ansaru is affiliated to. In the same vein, the identification of the leader of JAMA'ATU NUS'RATUL-ISLAMI WAL-MUSLIMINA group would enable the Nigerian army to target the group effectively using advanced technologies in its arsenal.

This is as the existence of group portends grave danger to Nigeria’s national security.

Pictures including some of their online propaganda activities are shown below.

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